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Purchase Procedures

  • STEP 01. Purchase Decision STEP 01. Purchase Decision
    1. - Consult

  • STEP 02. Confirmation of Purchase STEP 02. Confirmation of Purchase
    1. - Review &
      complete the contract

  • STEP 03. Payment STEP 03. Payment
    1. - Payment

  • STEP 04. Installation Prep STEP 04. Installation Prep
    1. - Work with CS

  • STEP 05. Deilvery Schedule STEP 05. Deilvery Schedule
    1. - Schedule deilvery

    2. - Payment

  • STEP 06. Product Installation STEP 06. Product Installation
    1. - CS support

    ※ Production: Between STEP 03 and STEP 04 | Shipping: Between STEP 05 and STEP 06
    For purchase inquiries outside Korea, please contact our sales representative at sales@stronghold.coffee

Installation info

For self-installation of the product, installation manuals and guides will be provided upon purchase.

Further information to be provided to individual customers


  • Inquiries on purchase &warranty



SHOWROOM at Stronghold Headquarters
  • Showrooms for other countries are currently in preparation.

Online Inquiry

We will get back to you shortly on your inquiries.






Items collected: Name, email address

Purpose of collecting: Checking and processing online inquiries

Use Period: Member information with no commercial transactions is kept for a year and then deleted. Member information with commercial transactions is kept for three years upon termination and deleted in order to resolve customer complains and disputes.

You may not agree with the privacy policy. In such case, you are unable to make an online inquiry.