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The world’s first smart coffee roaster,


Enabling anyone to roast high quality coffee with finesse and ease, and at a fraction of current costs.

Product : S SERIES


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Our proprietary heating technology enables extensive exploration of coffee flavors.

S Series applies both convection and radiation heat. The efficiency of convection heat is combined with delicacy and penetrability of radiation heat to achieve the Triple Heat System of convection, radiation, and conduction.

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Triple Heat System
Triple Heat System

S Series is the world’s first roaster that adopts all three types of heat sources.

1. Convection

Hot air circulates throughout the drum and penetrates every bean for uniform heat distribution. Stronghold uses Swiss made Leister heater and blower for maximum heat efficiency and powerful diffusion.

2. Conduction

Surface temperature of the tower drum is reconfigured to accurately match preset temperature, preventing burning of bean surface during consecutive roasting.

Beans are spread out against the drum surface by the rotating stirring wings inside the drum. The vertical drum’s innovative design ensures uniform transfer of heat from the drum surface to the beans.

3. Radiation

Radiation heat emitted from the halogen lamps directly penetrates the beans and allows uniform heating even at the core. Hence, a perfectly roasted, never burned, and very flavorful coffee bean that is celebrated by not only professional roasters but also by our customers who are new to roasting.

S Series can easily reproduce your favorite roast profile with its proprietary replication feature.

Let the S Series deal with roast consistency so that you can spend your valuable time with your customers and on shop operations.

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Customers do not become loyal to a coffee shop that “sometimes” has great coffee. Simply put, consistency is key to building a strong brand. What if you could save all your roast profiles and precisely replicate them whenever, wherever, and by whoever with just a touch of a button? Well, NOW YOU CAN, with the S Series. Using PID principle, our proprietary heat control algorithm makes micro level heat adjustments to immediately react to any divergence from the saved roast profile, replicating your favorite roast with consistency beyond human capabilities.

Go spend more time with your customers or your loved ones, work on new menus, finish your paperwork, do what you gotta do that makes you happy. Let the S Series take care of the roasting part of your life.

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