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STRONGHOLD refers to a fortress or a base. We created a fortress built on innovation, challenge, and fortitude in order to offer an environment where more people can enjoy advanced technologies at a lower price. We established a base where new challenges are continuously met by a multitude of ideas.

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04. Launched S7 Pro in U.S. at SCA exhibition, Seattle
03. Launched S8 dorée, special edition for China, at Hotelex Shanghai
02. 2017 KCRC (Korea Coffee Roasting Championship) official sponsor
01. Winner of The Black Water Issue Awards' Roaster Brand category for two consecutive years
10. New Headquarters Opening
09. 2016 Busan Coffee and Dessert Show Cupping Competition Title Sponsor
08. Held the first conference of ‘The Roastrum’
07. Signing of Diamond Sponsor Contract for WCCK National Championship
07. Total sales reach 500 units
07. Received a second-round investment from SoftBank Ventures
03. WCRC (World Coffee Roasting Championship) official sponsor, two years running
01. iF Label, iF Design Award 2016, one of the world’s top three design awards 01.
01. Exports to Guatemala
12. Winner of The Black Water Issue Awards' Roaster Brand
12. Total sales reach 400 units
07. Selected as the WCRC (World Coffee Roasting Championship) sample roaster
07. Exports to the UK, Australia
08. Exports to the US, Vietnam                 
06. Exports to Mexico
05. Received investment from SoftBank
02. Exports to Rwanda
12. Received investment from Korea University Holdings
06. Received Gold Label Award at the Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition INPEX 2012, Gold Label (US)
05. Received Silver Label Award from Euro Invent 2012 (Europe)
05. Exports to China
11. Received Gold Medal Award from iENA 2011
03. Named a Top 15 small business by the SBC (Small and medium Business Corporation)
08. Launched the world’s first smart roaster S7             
05. Established Stronghold Technology Corporation
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The fear of something new Adherence to obsolete convention Complacency with mediocrity Surpass all of the above.

We break through mediocrities by technology to ignite the industry and every customer's potential.


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